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Meet the DC Roberts Aircraft Team -

Owner / Accountable / Responsible Manager
Bryce Roberts - bryce@dcaircraft.com.au

Having worked under his father for approx. 20yrs, Bryce took over the family business in 2009. What started as a small operation in his fathers garage over 40yrs ago, has developed into an internationally recognized business renowned for impeccable quality and service. Bryce takes great pride in his work and works closely with his customers to ensure safety and quality standards are never compromised.


Quality  / Safety / Finance Manager
Bryce Roberts - accounts@dcaircraft.com.au

Jennifer (Jen) has been with DC Roberts Aircraft since Bryce took over in 2009. Jen has a background in Finance and Business Managment and learned the ropes of Quality and Safety after working closely with CASA during the Part 145 transition. During this time Bryce, Jen and the business evloved to what is today a streamlined, self sufficient operation.


Technical Engineer
Michael Hawthorn

Michael (Micky) has been with DC Roberts Aircraft since 2008. Having had the benefit of working with Denis for a period of time prior to Bryce taking over, and soaking up the years of knowledge stored within Denis' mind, his years of experience and on the job training make him an important part of the DC Roberts team.


Assistant Technical Engineer
Matthew Harward

Matthew (Matty) joined the company in 2019 with a specialist background in Tool Making and Engineering. Matty brings with him a wealth of knowledge from other industries that compliments our already very experienced technical team.  


The staff of DC Roberts are more than just employees, they are the foundation of the great reputation that proceeds us.The DCRA team now services some of Australia's most recognised aircraft operators.