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The JETMATE125A is the newest addition to our GPU range. 

This unit has been designed with complete portability in mind to assist with powering up Avionic / GPS systems and compatible winch assemblies (up to 125A max). It comes standard with a 2mtr Output Cable and 1.5mtr Input Cable.

The JETMATE125A measures 370mm x 300mm x 110mm and weighs in at 5kgs this along with its unique design, allows the unit to be transported by hand by anyone.

JETMATE125A Specifications
Maximum Continuous Current Output 125A
DC Voltage Output 28VDC
AC Voltage Input 240VAC
AC Current input at maximum DC Power output 15A @ 240VAC
Phase Single
Forced Air Cooling Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Over Temperature Protection Yes
Complete Weight Max 5kg
Dimensions - Length x Width x Height 370mm x 300mm x 110mm


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